The clinic has recently relocated to the existing Rehabilitation and Performance Training Centre at Sphere Fitness. The centre provides state-of-the-art training equipment and access to highly trained professional conditioning staff. The incorporated services aim to provide optimal training and performance coaching for:

Injury prevention ("prehabilitation")
Injury rehabilitation
Sports specific goals
Performance improvement

With regard to injury "prehab" and "rehab", training is tailored to optimise function or recovery of a particular body segment or limb with strong emphasis on functional movements. This is achieved with strong emphasis on correct exercise technique or "form", thus maximising progress. Such programs are ideal for situations such as pre or post back, knee or shoulder surgery, for example. For those seeking sports specific or performance related improvements, training is also available for the development of variables/goals including:

Body building
Strength endurance
Core Stability
Weight loss
Power training

Due to the fact that your health, safety and welfare are the prime concern at the clinic, it is strongly recommended that all persons consult with their doctor in the event they are considering participation in training/exercise.